Why do gym-goers love indoor cycling? When we first arrived on the scene, many gyms seemed to think the answer was “because they love cycling”. We recognized that indoor cycling lovers first and foremost come to bike class for cardio and that the heavy focus on cyclists at the time posed a problem for gyms: If you market bike class primarily to cyclists, how do you fill up your classes when off-season is over and the cyclists return to the road?



Intelligent Cycling founders Peter, Brian, and Anders, all entrepreneurs and dedicated indoor cycling instructors themselves, saw a need for easy-to-use software that better highlighted what members love about indoor cycling, and – in doing so – better benefited clubs, members, and instructors.

We designed our software to give club owners, instructors, and members a helping hand and free up their time to focus on what they do best.
We recognized that the faster and easier it was for instructors to create new indoor cycling sessions, the more energy they’d have to shine at bike class.
We recognized that members were empowered and motivated when they could see the workout details and mentally prepare for the intervals ahead.
We recognized clubs needed software that was easy to support and inexpensive to install which is why, to this day, all you need to get started with our software is a computer.
Lastly, we were determined to make indoor cycling not only easy and accessible but intelligent. Almost all cycling training results in cardiovascular response, but only few cyclists, triathletes, or even instructors fully understand the complexities of power and heart rate training. We programmed everything we know into our software to make sure we provided science-based, time-efficient, and truly intelligent cardio training.



In 2015 we got down to business and in March 2016 we released the very first version of our software. Since then we have worked hard to stay ahead of the demands of the indoor cycling industry of tomorrow. Our philosophy remains that indoor cycling should be time-efficient, simple, and FUN and to achieve this we use cutting-edge technology and work with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Along the way, we’ve had many notable milestones, including the release of our patented VR-ready immersive indoor cycling adventure, The Journey (released March 2018), the debut of our on-demand classes (June 2018), the release of The Intelligent Cycling mobile app (April 2019), developing world-first technology for the Wattbike AtomX (February 2020), as well as the release of our latest players aimed to help clubs connect with members anywhere (Team Player, March 2020 & Live Player, June 2020, The Virtual Player, April 2021, and Visuals in April 2022).

Today our software is used in gyms all over the world, counting 2000+ gyms, spanning 200+ countries at the time of writing, and our workout catalog has grown to more than 50,000+ workouts by our network of more than 12,000+ dedicated instructors as well as top brands in the industry.


Meet The team

Peter Møller Hansen

Chairman & Co-Founder

Brian Overkær

Anders Willemoes Hansen

Brynja Pil


Patrick Sindlev

System Developer

Doyle Armstrong

Joey Stabile

U.S. Business Manager

Hans Klarsø

Education & Presentation

Johnny Roland

Workout Creator

Anders Hansen Djurhuus

Virtual Video Creator

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